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A free short URL service, where you can group multiple links into one link, or use our URL shortener to shorten a long link into a short manageable link. Link shortening features are available for members, with advanced statistics to track click through rates or conversion rates, and also offering the link shortening developer API to website developers.

Save Short Links and Groups of Multiple URLs

Save your short links and groups of multiple URLs with an account as a free member. As a member, you will be able to create custom link aliases, add your own personalized branding to shortened links and place link password protection on any generated short URL. Get real-time traffic statistics on every short URL created through our link shortening service and with no limits to how many short URLs or groups of multiple links to one you may want to create. Easily shorten multiple URLs in one link, and group up to 1000 URLs when you share multiple URLs in one short link.

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A URL Shortener For Your Short URL

A URL shortener to shorten long links, and to also shorten multiple links into one link. Easily add multiple URLs to your social media profiles with a free link shortening service that also allows you to create unlimited short URLs and to share multiple links in one link as often as you like. No registration required to use our service, although for the added short link personalisation features and to save your short links in a free account, Register.