The Function Of A URL Shortener

A URL shortener generates a short URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a website address, and is basically turning a long link into a shorter link. The URL shortener works, because of a the web server function called "Redirect" for URL redirection. URL shorteners turn a long link into a shorter link, and this new short URL will redirect those who click on the link to the long or original link. With some links being up to 100 characters long, a URL shortening service will effectively turn the longest link into a manageable sized short URL. It is much easier to share a short memorable link than a long, lengthy one, which is why URL shortening web tools have become popular among digital marketers, or anyone who may have a subscription base with long links to share. Some URLs can be long and prone to misunderstanding when read out or through mistyping. A URL shortening service will turn that hard to remember long link, into a neat, clean and tidy short link.

Benefits of Using a URL Shortener

A URL shortener can help you fit more characters in less space. The resulting short URL from the URL shortening service, allows you to add more characters to the likes of tweets or other social media networks that have limited content space for posts, that what the original long link may have allowed. Links generated by a URL shortener can be very easy to remember, and the customization features available in some URL shortening services can make it easier to remember the short URL. One of the main benefits of a URL shortener is link tracking. Advertisers, digital marketers and social media managers like to track the click through rates of their promotional campaigns and a good URL shortening service will provide these details for members. Shortening multiple links is popular among people who want to share multiple URLs with the help of one link. Try the URL shortener yourself, to either shorten multiple links into one link or turn a long link into a short URL.

Free URL Shortening Service For Your Short URLs

Use a free URL shortening service, save your short URLs and make use of the link shortening features with a free account!

URL Shortener For Single Links and Multiple Links